Why checked shirts are the best?


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Ever since men have taken to wearing check shirts, they have chosen to combine them with the best accessories. But, an appropriate integration is necessary for that rakish look you desire so much. Are you not aware of the perfect combination with your check shirts? If you answer is no, scroll down to check what all can make you look smart and impressive.

The Perfect Tie

When it comes to choosing a tie for your check shirt, the color combination plays a significant role. For instance, a white and black check shirt would best suit a dark colored tie and vice versa.

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Again, the design on the tie is also a deciding factor in determining the charm you are going to spread. Ask any dress designer and he/she will tell you that solid colors pair the best with check shirts. Do you want to add a dash of variety? In that case, spotted ties may also be a good choice. The spots may be the same hue as that of the tie or may sport a different color.

Silk, cashmere, satin and cashmere are the 4 main fabrics that offer you a wide choice option in regard to design.

When Jeans Join Check Shirts

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Check shirts are often considered to be casual outfits. Therefore, seeing the lumberjack look exhibited is not uncommon. You may be getting ready for an office party or are about to attend an outing with friends. Whatever, the occasion, a pair of jeans can be the ideal thing for you. Imagine you have a red and blue check shirt. In that event, you can combine it with a pair of black jeans. On the other hand, a red and black shirt will best suit a pair of blue jeans. If displaying chutzpah is your aim, split jeans will surely make for a great partner.

Dress Sharp with the Right Jacket

Have you have been lately hearing the phrase ‘sharp dressing?’ It means people are becoming more conscious in choosing the right jacket for their shirts. You may wish to opt anything from a sports jacket to a blazer, but opt for one with solid, neutral colors. As a result, you can select the perfect jacket from your wide selection without having to limit your options.

Shoes that Speak Style

While choosing shoes, what can be better than canvas footwear for your checkered shirts? You can select from a wide variety of colors like, blue, black or brown and flaunt your style with aplomb.

Check shirts in any color make for an ideal casual wear. If you are looking forward to mix and match the shirts with the right accessories, go ahead and make your choice.

Love wearing check shirts? Then you are going to love these amazing check shirt outfits I’ve curated for you. 

Check shirts are cool, comfortable and almost always look good. 

MOUNTWELL Men's stylish Slim Fit Blue Checked Full Sleeve Casual Shirt

As we recommend in our Capsule Wardrobe Guide you should at least have one nice check shirt in you. 

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