Types of shirts every man must own

  1. Checked ShirtsChecked Shirts

Checked Shirts should be a staple in any man’s wardrobe. Versatile, robust and can make even the smartest man look edgier than Johnny Depp.

Checked shirts never really seem to go out of fashion and whilst we often see a spike in their popularity, they have remained a regular fashion piece for everyone from lumberjacks to sports stars and everyone in between.

The checked shirt offers us a huge variety of colour and print and although this often aids the versatility of the shirt it can bring about just as many problems when working out how to style it best.

  1. Dotted ShirtsDotted Shirts

Polka dots are one of the trendiest prints ever irrespective of season and time. These have been dominating the fashion world since 1950’s. The retro appeal associated with it makes it special. Not just the vintage vibe, polka dots can be channeled to get a fashion forward look as well. I have often seen girls feeling hesitated about wearing it. Why? Managing a proportional look is very important. If you don’t do that, you may end up on having a cheesy look. Here we have compiled different ways and techniques to wear polka dots. All of these methods make sure that you get a look that is chic, classy and easy on eyes.

  1. plain shirtsplain shirts

Plain shirts are a classic wardrobe staple, it is not a new thing in the market but still, it never goes out of fashion, it is one of the types of t-shirt that you will find in everybody’s closet or I can say it is the must-have outfit for men and women. I own them in all kind of colors: white of course, grey, black, mustard yellow, etc. It is simple but timeless, and the best thing about the plain t-shirt is it goes perfectly with all kind of outfits. You can wear it casual and formal events as well, what can be the outfit to wear in a casual party than a basic plain t-shirt. Thinking about how to wear plain t-shirts? Well, there are different types of style that you can take into consideration.

  1. Casual shirtscasual shirts

For a while now the weather has been awful, hot, humid or just sudden showers, but now we are in the best part of the year! Why you ask? Come on, from Diwali, Halloween, Christmas and finally the New Year’s Eve this is the time to ride the social roller coaster. So basically that means your calendar is going to be full of party invites, winter formals, hopefully (fingers crossed) dates that you got from the people you met in these parties.

So what does all of this mean? You need a fabulous Smart Casual wardrobe to wow all of your social commitments! So let us save you a serious case of the wardrobe woes and give you a style sheet that’ll have you covered. But first let’s start with why a shirt? Ever heard about the charm of a guy in a crisp shirt, well it is saying for a reason. Because not only are shirts versatile, both in terms of the number of options but also in the places you can wear it to. They instantly give you a smart and casual look, they’re modern and minimal at the same time. So now you know why we’re pitching for shirts.

  1. Printed ShirtsPrinted shirts

Different kind of shirts in the recent years has gained demand and is becoming popular in both men and women’s wardrobe. Printed shirts are the one’s which are in trend because of it oodles and smashing looks. Printed shirts are the ones in which there are some graphic print, or a design or any image is printed. This type of shirts lends a new style and looks to both men and women. There is different variation and colour combination of printed shirts are available with immense style and pattern you make you appear smart and sophisticated.

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